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Avrail 1500 and 1700 with Plastic Door

  • Designed for the Modern Bathroom
  • Rugged and Durable Plastic Door
  • 1500 and 1700 Models available
  • Anti slip Surface
  • Options of Left Hand Door or Right Hand Door
  • End Panel Included



Prices are plus VAT, however in the majority of cases the buyer would not need to pay VAT, and you do not need to be registered disabled or have a note from the doctor. Why not give our friendly team a call to confirm? We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and reliable.

Available in both 1500 and 1700, the Avrail 1700 bath is the same size as most standard baths and therefore is the ideal solution to replace an existing bath. With easy to access and has a simple latch lock for an easy opening inward door. The bath is designed to replace a standard bath and to allow all family members to use the bath. The low threshold step is the key to peace of mind.

The bath is fitted with 2 clicker drains which activate a fast drain situation, meaning you will be out in no time. If you prefer plug and chain wastes just let us know and we will make the arrangements without any extra cost.

Crafted by UK experts the finish is superb and backed by our guarantee. Please call or email to find out more.

Self-Healing Light Therapy

Light up your bath with underwater lights! Each color corresponds to a vibration with its individual speed, wavelength, or rhythm. It creates the most soothing bath experience. Practiced since ancient times, chromatherapy engages with the energy centers throughout your body. The colors activate and rebalance your energy system.

Physical Relaxation

Experience the soothing benefit of soft, warm, air massage in your bath. The bubbles on your skin are one of the most rejuvenating treatments. Warm air enters the bathtub through tiny jets, creating a gentle flow of soft bubbles. This provides a massaging effect to help your joints and muscles to relax. The hydrotherapy system self-purges after every use keeping its pipes clean and safe.

Once you’ve tried a hydrotherapy spa bath, you’ll never want an ordinary bath again!


Length: 1500mm (59in) or 1700mm (66.75in)

Width: 700mm (27.5in)

Height: 510mm (21.65in)

Wall-to-door opening: 325mm

Door width: 380mm (14.96in)

Step Height: 190mm (7.5in)

Capacity: 190ltr

Supplied undrilled for taps

Warranty: Bath 5 years; door seal lifetime; spa and/or lights 1 year

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  • Designed for the Modern Bathroom
  • Stylish Toughened Glass
  • 1500 and 1700 models available
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Anti slip Surface
  • Options of Left Hand Door or Right Hand Door
  • End Panel Included