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Walk-in Baths - Assistive Bathing

Have you recently found it increasingly difficult to step in and out of your bathtub? Perhaps you used to enjoy long, soothing baths, but now struggle to get comfortable. If this sounds familiar, consider the benefits of an Odyssey walk-in tub. This solution offers much more than just ease of access.

As our bodies age, bathing can become challenging. However, this does not mean we have to relinquish our independence and move into a care facility. With an Odyssey Walk In Bath, you can enjoy the comfort of bathing without needing assistance to enter or exit the tub.

Knowing when to invest in a disabled bath is crucial, as it can greatly enhance your quality of life. Below, we discuss the top four signs that indicate it may be time to consider purchasing one.


Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

1. You Have Difficulty Walking Over Your Bathtub’s Sides

As we age or become wheelchair-bound, lifting our legs over the edge of a bathtub can become increasingly challenging, if not impossible. This can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being, as we may feel as though we can no longer “hold our own” in the bathroom.

Fortunately, walk-in tubs were designed to “take the edge off” this issue. Our tubs feature inward or outward-swinging doors that open on one side, allowing you to enter with ease over a small threshold. Additionally, the floors of our tubs are textured to prevent slips and fall, making your bathroom a safer space.

Inside the tub, you’ll find a “cushy” seat that allows you to “take a load off” as soon as you enter. With these features, you can enjoy a comfortable and independent bathing experience in the safety of your own home, without having to “break a sweat” over entering or exiting the tub.

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Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

2. You Need a More Comfortable Space

As you’ve grown older, taking a bath has become increasingly difficult, leaving you feeling like you’re in “hot water.” The once-loved pastime has become uncomfortable and challenging to manage on your own, as you struggle to sit down and stand back up from the tub.

Fortunately, walk-in tubs offer a more “cushy” solution. The raised seat inside the tub allows for a comfortable bathing experience, similar to sitting in a chair at the dinner table. With various models and sizes available, you can “find the right fit” for your specific needs and bathroom space.

These tubs also offer additional features such as heated seats and back technology, as well as several jetting packages, including Air and Hydro massage jets, Hydro + Independent Foot Massage, Infusion Microbubble Therapy, and even a soaking option. Hydrotherapy and air jets work wonders in targeting “sore spots” and promoting a quick recovery from illness, making you feel as though you’re in a luxurious spa in the comfort of your own home.

What’s more, these tubs also come with a removable shower head, making it easy to wash your hair and body without “breaking a sweat.” The therapeutic LED Chromatherapy light adds a relaxing touch to your bath, allowing you to “unwind” while fixating on a single color or enjoying a constantly changing light show in the water.

3. Your Old Tub Is Outdated with Excessive Repairs

How to Clean a Disgusting Bathtub

Over time, bathtubs can become discolored due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and the constant wear and tear. If you find yourself struggling to remove stubborn stains like soap scum or mildew, then it may be time to bid farewell to your old tub. These stains not only look unpleasant, but they also harbor harmful bacteria that can affect your health.

When your current bathtub becomes outdated or requires frequent repairs, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to invest in a new one. And what better option than an Odyssey walk-in bath? Instead of continually calling a plumber to fix issues, why not take the opportunity to upgrade your bathing experience?

By replacing your old bathtub with a new accessible bath, you’ll save yourself the hassle of constant repairs and enjoy a rejuvenating and safe bathing experience. It’s time to stop pouring money down the drain on repairs and embrace the comfort and convenience of a new walk-in tub.

4. You Don’t Want a Complete Remodel

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank on a full remodel, a walk-in tub is definitely the way to go. Unlike a complete bathroom overhaul, installing one of these tubs won’t require a significant

Affinity Walk In Bath With Right Hand Door Entry & Seat (1050x665). Mantaleda MD-AFFINITY-Rinvestment in time or money. Most installations can be completed within a day or two, and the walk-in tub can be customized to match the exact size and shape of your old tub. These tubs can be free-standing, fit into a corner, or into a standard 60″ alcove, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

As your mobility needs change over time, you may find that making modifications to your home becomes necessary to maintain your independence and comfort. However, with an Odyssey walk-in bath, you won’t have to make any major adjustments to your bathroom layout. Your new bath will provide you with the independence you need without requiring you to make significant changes or hire special assistance. This will help you to remain in your own home, where you can feel safe and comfortable, without having to worry about moving to an assisted living facility.

Are You Ready to Purchase Your Own Walk-in Tub?

We trust that this guide has provided you with a clearer comprehension of the indicators to look out for when it comes to buying a mobility bath. Recognizing these signs is critical to ensure that you obtain your own tub at the appropriate time.

Are you eager to get your hands on an Odyssey walk-in bath? Do not hesitate any further in giving yourself the comfort and autonomy you deserve. Reach out to us today for an extra special discount and to learn more about how we can assist you in finding the walk-in tub that fulfills your requirements.